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Financial Planning


Most people make financial decisions

  • - One at a time
  • - At different times
  • - With different people
  • - Under different economic circumstances

This creates what we call the "Financial Junk Drawer", in which our financial life becomes disorganized, ineffective, and inefficient.  In this manner, tremendous amount of financial resources is lost over a lifetime.     


The solution to the the "Financial Junk Drawer" problem starts with a structural model.  It doesn't lie in a singular financial product.  It's actually a PROCESS.   

First, we get you out of 'junk drawer' mode, and instead using an organized decision-making model.  In order to make smart financial decisions you first must be empowered to see your financial life clearly. 

Our model organizes your financial life into a model that incorporates the following areas:

  • Protection
  • Savings
  • Growth / Investments
  • Cash Flow and Debt Management

Next, we employ several techniques to optimize your model.

  • Internal Design:  We review your financial decisions and products to ensure they are working properly together to minimize errors or omissions you may not ever be aware of.  This is really where we begin to uncover areas of inefficiency and loss.  We call this Internal Design.
  • Coordination Review:  We uncover and reallocate unused dollars to create an additional money supply and superior benefits for you and your family. 
  • Money Strategy Design:  We educate you about how money works relative to your situation and begin to show you strategies to enhance your financial well-being.   

Lastly, we use a 'Financial Rulebook' to help clients strategically use their new financial model to enhance the efficient and effective use of money.  Our 10-step rulebook is a client favorite as it breaks through misconceptions about money and gives clients a 'track to run on' for maximizing money supply and protection benefits.